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Industry Placement

Industry placement (sometimes called internship or IP) is workplace based learning where students gain practical skills related to their course of study. Students at mg线上电子游戏 undertake semester 2 of their course as a full-time industry placement and get the chance to work for up to 45 hours per week during these industry placement semesters, depending on their course of study.

Earn While You Learn

Students are able to undertake industry placement as full-time paid employment meaning they can earn good salaries during industry placement semesters. Some students may even take on 2 jobs during their IP semesters so they can work their full quota of hours per week and earn some extra money.

Industry Placement Benefits

putting into practice the skills and knowledge learnt in the classroom
experiencing different company cultures, systems & work practices
gaining valuable work references
developing career opportunities and obtain insight into a range of career paths
making lasting relationships within the industry
earning good wages while learning
sampling different positions in the hospitality industry.

​Our Industry Placement Partners

mg线上电子游戏 has signed workplace agreements with over 30 local businesses. This means students have a wide range of employers to choose from and ensures students are protected from exploitation. If the student wants to do their Industry Placement at an employer we don’t have an agreement with, mg线上电子游戏’s Student Liaison Officer will contact the workplace to arrange an agreement for you.

We want our students to enjoy and benefit greatly from their industry placement. We offer continual support throughout Industry Placement with regular visits and contact from the school. Professional and pastoral support is only ever a phone call away!
mg线上电子游戏 will make every effort to help students secure a rewarding and appropriate position. In the event that students do not find a suitable paid position, mg线上电子游戏 will help facilitate unpaid work experience to ensure students obtain valuable workplace experience.


Some of our industry partners are listed below

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